USB Car Charger

Model: UB1

All countries

Product Description

Your Long Distance Ride Companion


Charger for Car Use

Having a long distance ride or a road trip and you find no places to charge your phone? Our USB Car Charger comes to the rescue. As long as you plug in the USB Car Charger to your car, you can conveniently charge your electronic devices anytime you want. It is your best charging option during a long ride.


Dual USB & LED Light

The dual USB design of the charger allows you to charge your phone and other electron devices at the same time. Our energy saving blue LED light will indicate whether you have finshed charging or not.


Quick Charger

Our USB Car Charger is a 5VDC/2A adapotor which have a relatively short charging time when comparing to other car charger.


Stable Power

Stable power is being suppplied during the entire charing process.